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Making Our Clothing: It isn’t enough to make beautiful clothing for cycling. At Velocio we care about how our clothing is made, how the folks that make our clothing are treated, where the raw material of our clothing comes from and what we stand for as a company. We work with a family-owned Italian manufacturer with over a half century of experience sewing and constructing garments. We’ve met the sewers, chatted with the printers and shared coffee with the fabric suppliers. Velocio clothing is made under strict EU labor guidelines and fair labor practices. Velocio fabrics are carefully considered for their performance and function balanced within their impact, environmentally. Our mills are Bluesign approved and have undergone reviews for their treatment of wastewater and energy efficiency meeting the European standards for environmental conservation. Velocio packaging is recyclable. All printed collateral is made on 100% post consumer recycled product. Velocio uses minimal packaging in shipping.

Velocio + The Conservation Alliance Our clothing is made to perform amidst riding adventures. The forgotten two-track that tires out beyond the edge of the pavement, the lost pieces of road through miles of unknown space, those are our best testing grounds. We believe in the Conservation Alliance because it has a proven track record of bringing together brands from the outdoor industry and affecting real change. Furthermore, The Conservation Alliance doesn't shirk from protecting those lands to be enjoyed. We've ridden trails saved by funds from the Conservation Alliance, we've pedaled past vast expanses of beauty that make is moved and proud to be a part of the cycling community, the outdoor community, the human community. We're members of The Conservation Alliance and we're proud of the work our membership does on behalf of wild places, imagination and adventure.