2022 Ambassador Plans

See what our other ambassadors have in store for the year ahead

Ena Cupina


My plans for the upcoming year are to discover a new side of me and cycling. Any day now my baby will be born and I look forward to discovering cycling postpartum and as a new mum.

Taneika Duhaney


In 2022, I plan to participate in longer gravel races with strong female cyclists, explore new gravel terrain, and embark on bike packing adventures with female BIPOC cyclists. I also aim to support and assist female BIPOC cyclists who are interested but unfamiliar with cycling the less beaten path.

Robin Todd


When you tell people you are going to ride across the country (Canada), you are inevitably met with expressions of doubt. When you are a woman in your 50s, the doubt is even greater. In 2021, I rode from British Columbia to Cape Breton. I did not set out to defy people’s perceptions of what a woman can accomplish, but it was wonderful when I did so. My goal for 2022 is to complete my journey by riding across Newfoundland. It will be hilly, wild and breathtaking. I can’t wait to experience the familiar joy of a solo adventure.

Cinthia Pedraza


This year I plan on pushing myself beyond my comfort zone into becoming a better version of myself. I have been struggling the past two years to keep myself motivated during the pandemic but I am finally ready to crank it back up to pre-pandemic fitness. A huge motivating factor is keeping my lungs and body healthy for the rest of my life. The pandemic gave me a new understanding of how important having a healthy body can be outside of riding to train for racing, I now want to ride to be as healthy as humanly possible.

Caroline Poole

Yep, that's right. I joined a new team, and I'm pregnant with my first kiddo. The biggest challenge I will face this season will be navigating events, health, and let's face it, probably judgment. But I have the support of my husband, family (including the Bentonville fam!), and team, and that's all that matters. One of my biggest goals of the season is to connect with the gravel community in ways that racing and training full-time didn't necessarily allow. I get to slow down and enjoy the views and people that come with this amazing sport that we're all so passionate about. I hope to share my experience as best as I can and am looking forward to what this year will bring!

Abigail Mickey

2022 will be a year like no other for me, on and off the bike. My husband and I are expecting our first child in May, so when it comes to riding I am taking things a little differently this year. It's important to me, and my mental health, that I at least get some walking in each day, and thankfully after a horrendous first trimester I am able to ride my bike again. Unfortunately, due to complications, I can't ride outside or ski or really do anything with risk of impact. But I can ride the trainer!

So with the help of my bike, I am hoping to stay active for the rest of my pregnancy, at least until the final couple of weeks. I've been loving the "Baby on Board" workouts on Zwift, they're short and relatively easy.

Once she's born, I am facing an uphill battle like never before in terms of fitness. I've always been an athlete, and even after I retired from professional cycling I stayed in shape, so coming from what I assume will be at least a month of zero to barely any exercise will be...interesting. I'm looking forward to getting some outdoor miles in during the summer and sticking to Zwift when I'm in single-parent mode. Due to the uncharted territory, I am not setting myself any "goals" in 2022, but having an indoor riding setup I love does give me a sense of control and peace that I wouldn't have otherwise.

To make a long answer short, you could say 2022 for me when it comes to the bike is holding on to my sanity through pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. Hopefully.

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