S/S '20: Exploring Patagonia, Arizona

Within the continuity of a ride, there are always interruptions of insight. Little thoughts that come and go with the rhythm of pedaling make riding meditative. In Patagonia, Arizona, where we launched our Spring / Summer 2020 Collection, we found uncomplicated gravel roads stretching to the horizon. Today, we reflect back to these rides and their delightful distraction, their unending potential. As we launch this feature, we’re distanced socially if not physically and our time in Patagonia was quite the opposite. Riding together, we were socially connected, even when we weren’t speaking, in a physically far off space. May the photos from these gravel rides offer inspiration for the rides you’re planning.

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Mid-ride waypoints

Pausing at the summit. Halfway to the end. That well known gas station. The general store. Mid-ride way points are the overlooked connective tissue of a ride. A chance to pause, collect one’s energy and fuel up before continuing. Our days now are filled with visions of the forgotten spring off a rancher’s access road or the can of Coke from the village grocery.

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velocio 200213_Velocio_11644
velocio 200213_Velocio_11173
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S/S '20

As we continue to roll out our Spring Collection into challenging and unknown times, we hope that we can provide at least a distraction and motivation to seek the outdoors wherever possible. We're thankful for your continued support and look forward to seeing you out on the road.

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