Ellen Noble is funny. If you’ve followed her on social media or been the subject of her scrutiny at a cyclocross camp, you’re aware that Ellen’s is a crooked flavor of humor, the kind of funny that starts completely straight faced before cracking into observation and then laughter. She drives directly towards the absurd. Yet, you'd be mistaken if you confused Ellen’s humor for a lack of seriousness. The Maine-born racer has been at the business end of World Cup mountain bike races, found the top step of the podium in nearly every American cyclocross venue and gained a reputation for bunny hopping barriers and expectations. Holding those potentially opposed values: approachable and serious makes for great insights into a unique life organized around bicycles.

Name:  Ellen Noble (@ellenlikesbikes)

DOB:  12/03/1995

Current Locale:  Tucson, Arizona

Hometown:  Kennebunkport, ME


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